Tiger Woods’ Nasty Wipeout Jeopardizes Career

Tiger Woods was in a single-car car crash in LA on Feb. 23. He has suffered from multiple leg injuries and was rushed into emergency surgery.

Tiger Woods Nasty Wipeout Jeopardizes Career

Eran Bagwell, Contributor

The injuries Woods was faced with are detrimental to his career, “After being rushed to the hospital following the car crash, Tiger Woods underwent several hours of emergency surgery to repair what doctors called ‘significant orthopedic injuries’ to his lower right leg and ankle. The golf legend suffered open fractures in the upper and lower portions of the tibia and fibula of his right leg” (sportscasting.com).

Woods was responsive after his long surgery, but with no guarantee he will ever be able to play golf professionally again.

What led to the car crash? Woods has experienced mix ups with his sleep medicine before: “ a police officer in Florida observed a black Mercedes stopped on the road in the right lane in the early hours of Memorial Day 2017. The vehicle had its brake lights on and the right blinker still blinking. The officer approached the driver, who was asleep at the wheel, and woke him up. The driver, identified as Woods, said that he did not know where he was and said that he ‘takes several prescriptions.’ One of the prescriptions in his system was a sleep medication zolpidem, commonly known as Ambien.” (popculture.com) Experts are lead to believe that the sleep medication led to this event as well, as tiger woods does not remember the car crash or driving beforehand.

Woods is projected to be able to walk after recovery and even continue playing golf in some ways, “Dr. Andrew Pollak, professor and chair of the Department of Orthopedics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said the injuries will ‘definitely’ affect his golf game. ‘In many ways, he will likely need to relearn parts of the swing,’ Pollak told CBS News.”(cbsnews.com) Rehabilitation is projected to be about 8-12 months and his team is very excited to have him back out on the green