American Idol Tugs at Heartstrings


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

American Idol is a reality TV show where aspiring singers compete to win the title of American Idol, as well as $250,000 (TV Insider).  It is a very emotional show, because it can be a life-changing experience for its contestants.  Anybody can audition, and if you are good enough at singing, you could win the money and the fame that comes with American Idol.  Carrie Underwood got her start in singing on American Idol, as well as Kelly Clarkson.  If you want to become a famous singer then this would be the place to start.

American Idol is a great show in my opinion, and it is one I have watched a lot. From the ages of 9 to 11, I stayed up with my family to see who won American Idol.  I loved getting to see people come from all over so they could share their talents and have a chance at stardom.  However, in 2016 it was canceled because it was just becoming overdone.  American Idol had been running since 2002, and it had just started to get old.

That’s why when the new 2020 season aired, I was exited.  The fact it was being done remotely didn’t matter because the people were real.  American Idol is all about people coming from humble beginnings, but getting a chance to be a superstar.  Almost anybody wants something like that.  And that’s why American Idol is so good.

When you get on American Idol, you have already auditioned to the company over Zoom to get into the real tryouts.  So now you have to audition for the judges.  The judges are: Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, and they will decide if you go to Hollywood to compete against the other contestants.  (Parade TV)  The look on some people’s faces when they get chosen to go to Hollywood are heartwarming.

Another part of American Idol that makes it so emotional is the backstories. Often half of the singers are people who had some tragic home life or struggled with addiction, and this is told to you on the first day they appear.  It really makes you feel for them, though I think it is sometimes overdone.

These are my reasons for liking American Idol, and if you check it out maybe you can find some for yourself.