Campbell’s Soup Star Wars Commercial

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According to People, Larry Sullivan, David Monahan and their adorable son, Cooper, are among many real-life families featured in new Campbell’s Soup Campaign Dubbed “ Made for Real,Real Life.”

In the commercial, the couple take turns feeding their son spoonfuls of the Campbell’s Star Wars themed soup, Both saying “ I am your father” Known best from Darth Vader.

According to People, Campbell’s Vice President of marketing activation, Yin Woon Rani, told Advertising Age that the concept behind the campaign was to show a diverse mix of American families and add “ a wink and a smile” to the brand’s messaging.

Also, Monahan, Sullivan, and their son, Cooper, starred in a Target commercial in 2014. The commercial really does bring a light to the fact that they’re families of the same-sex who are very family-orientated just like heterosexual families.