What are Autonomous Zones, and Will They Continue to Appear in 2021?


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SEATTLE, WA – JUNE 15: A man walks by the Conversation Cafe while carrying a firearm in the police-free zone known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) on June 15, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. The area consists of the blocks surrounding the Seattle Police Departments East Precinct, which was vacated after violent clashes with Black Lives Matter protesters in the wake of George Floyd’s death. (Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images)

Garrett Duncan, Contributor

Right now in 2021 it seems BLM riots are calming down.  After the installation of our new president Joseph Biden, there have been less dangerous or destructive riots and less peaceful protests in general.  But one thing from last year that is still going on is autonomous zones due to governors allowing them to persist.

An autonomous zone is an area that was either taken over by a group declaring themselves independent from their nation, or declaring itself as independent.  Often these zones will be allowed to persist by city leadership because it is done to support a political movement.  One good example of this is the CHAZ.

The CHAZ was an autonomous zone started on Capitol Hill in Seattle that was made after a group of people rioting for BLM attacked the same police station until the police abandoned it. As soon as the police were gone, the BLM protesters set up barricades with signs that read, “Now Entering Free Capitol Hill”.  It was peaceful for about a week, with block parties, tons of drug use, and free food, but when the food ran out, people started leaving. (The Guardian)

Those who stayed were hardcore revolutionaries, interested in keeping the CHAZ open for as long as they could.  (CURBED Archives)  To make it sound less threatening they changed the name to CHOP.  Before, it meant Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, but now it was Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.  They accepted emergency supplies from outside the CHOP and set armed guards at the barricades. Some started to force business owners in the area to give them money.  (Fox Business News)

Then the shootings started.  Gunshots were heard in the streets almost every night, and it just kept getting worse.  Then somebody was shot, and the CHOP guards would not allow ambulances in to help. More people were shot.  Soon the “Chaz Security Force” had their own police brutality moment when they shot hundreds of rounds into a car that crashed, killing one of the unarmed teens who had stolen it.  (The City Journal)  In the end, six people were shot and two died, causing the police to finally come in and put an end to CHAZ/CHOP.  It lasted 24 days.

So how does this autonomous zone affect you?  The CHAZ was not the only autonomous zone of 2020.  The Red House Eviction Defense and The George Floyd Memorial Square are other autonomous zones set up in 2020.  However, the George Floyd Memorial Square is still around. (Wikipedia Permanent Autonomous Zones)  This was started on the area that George Floyd died, and has been going for a long time.

Minneapolis has made no effort to remove it, even though it has become a dangerous place without police or medical workers.  All around and in this autonomous zone it has become like a Mad Max movie. People drive cars through yards, some shoot guns at random houses, random people are set up with weapons in front of their businesses, and police do not go near.  (The Star Tribune)

The people living inside the zone do not like it and have many times appealed to the police, asking them to come in and stop the violence, but if they do then zone organizers force them out. This could happen to you, and you would be powerless to stop it. The people starting these zones are armed, and the only way you could escape would be by moving away. The places these zones are formed are often in low income communities, with people who can’t afford to leave.

Until these zones are shut down and stopped as soon as they appear, armed groups will continue to use BLM as an excuse to take over city blocks, regardless of what the people want. They will continue to start these autonomous zones, and continue to get people killed. They will continue to destroy the rule of law and put people at risk.  People have been shot at George Floyd Square and it is still allowed to exist as an area outside of the law.

If you hear about an autonomous zone being set up near you, leave the area as soon as possible.  Because all the facts show that until politicians crack down on dangerous rioters and revolutionaries, then this will keep happening and people will be put at risk.