Justice League: The Zack Snyder Cut Spoiler Review


Levi Morgan, Contributor

Justice League was supposed to help start up the DCEU (Detective Comics Extended Universe) and compete with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), but as we all know, it flopped on its face. The original director of the movieZack Snyder, started production on this movie on April 11, 2016, but had to step down because one of his daughters passed away. This caused the movie to topple because another director named Joss Weadon took over and changed up some of Snyder’s ideas, resulting in a movie that didn’t make sense and had a bunch of plot holes. This caused Justice League to get a poor score with both audiences and critics alike, which led to a bunch of people on Twitter and other social media sites being frustrated that we never got to see Snyder’s Cut of the movie before it was released. Warner Brothers noticed that people would like to see this movie, so they greenlighted a remake of Justice league nicknamed The Snyder Cut, which is rated R.

The Zack Snyder cut is a four-hour-long movie of Zack Snyder’s idea of what the DCEU would look like, and it looked very promising. Pre-Existing characters in the DCEU took a surprising back seat to this movie in favor of the newer characters such as Flash and Cyborg. Ray Fisher (The actor for the cyborg) has confirmed that after the upcoming Flash movie, he has no intention of coming back to the DCEU because it brings back a lot of problems he had with Josh Wheadon. It’s disappointing because in the Snyder Cut, Cyborg has probably one of the biggest roles in the movie and he was one of the greatest parts of the movie. However, The Flash actor Ezra Miller will be returning to make a movie that we don’t know much about besides the rumor of Michael Keaton returning as Batman.   

The Recommendation

I would definitely recommend watching this movie. This is a very long movie, so Zack Snyder took that into account by making it into six parts with an epilogue. Personally, for me, I broke it up by watching three parts each night so this took me two evenings to watch with the final night having an extra hour via the epilogue. After I watched The Zack Snyder cut, I started writing this article, and about halfway through, I decided to rewatch The ‘Josh Wheadon cut’ as I like to call it, and honestly, now that I have more context from the Snyder cut, The Wheadon cut is not as bad as I once thought it was.

Steppenwolf definitely looks way better in the Snyder cut. Everyone pretty much remains the same except Batman and Superman, which both have new black-and-gray suits. I would say that over the two movies, the Snyder cut is still superior, but the downside is that it starts a bit slow and is four hours long as opposed to the two-hour movie that picks up relatively quickly.

The Main Movie (Spoilers below)

The Zack Snyder cut starts off by reminding you of what happened at the end of Batman vs Super Man. After that, for a good part of the movie, Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) spend their time rounding up members for the justice league. Aquaman (played by Jason Momoa) and Cyborg were the two that really needed convincing, while Flash was on board the moment he met Batman. Wonder Woman then gets a message from her tribe about how Steppenwolf took the mother box. There are three mother boxes–each one individually doesn’t do a whole lot–but once they are combined, you can do anything imaginable, which explains why villains would be after it.

The big villain for most of the movie is Steppenwolf, but he isn’t acquiring the mother boxes for himself. He is grabbing them for Dark Seid, who sadly doesn’t do a whole lot in the movie besides stand and gaze through a portal. The justice league does have at least one of the boxes that they use to revive superman. It is realized that the mother boxes only called out to their owner Dark Seid when Superman was dead because the boxes feared him, which is a neat concept.

When superman first wakes up, he does not have any recollection of who he is except that he remembers Earth; he does go immediately to his statue that broke during the fight with Doomsday. The justice league (minus Batman) comes to greet him, but as he does not remember who they are, he scans them with his x-ray vision and that triggers the Cyborg’s defense system, so he accidentally shoots at Superman. Superman took that as a threat and proceeded to beat up every member of the justice league and when the Flash runs at him, Superman is fast enough to be able to react to Flash and ends up throwing him at Aquaman. With all the other members of the justice league down, Batman confronts Superman and Superman ends up recognizing him and tries to kill him but it took Louis Lane (played by Amy Adams) to snap him back to reality. 

The Justice League ends up regrouping after Superman left with Louis and notices that Steppenwolf took their mother box, which was the third and final mother box, but before Steppenwolf did that, Cyborg’s father–who is a star labs scientist–hit the box with the hottest substance on the planet so the justice league could find Steppenwolf’s hideout. In that hideout, there is a huge nest of Parademons that listen to everything Steppenwolf says. The justice league tracks him and leads a frontal assault on his base. There ends up being a really cool sequence where batman is in his Batmobile and drives around blowing stuff up and the justice league surrounds him and protects him during that. With Steppenwolf having all three boxes, he combines them to make the unity just to appease Dark Seid (Dark Seid was such a cool idea that Marvel copied their idea and made Thanos). With all three boxes combined it pretty much blows up the planet, but Barry Allen aka The Flash has enough time to phase through the explosion and run into the speed force to travel back about 15 or so minutes to when that hadn’t happened yet and they can pull apart the unity. With that, Superman beats up Steppenwolf, and Wonder Woman beheads him. They end up throwing the head through a portal to Darkseid and he closes the portal. The main movie pretty much wraps up there and then ends with the epilogue. 

The Epilogue

The epilogue, in my opinion, is the best and worst part of the movie just because of all of the really cool things it sets up for the DCEU, but as of right now these ideas will never come to fruition. When the epilogue first starts, it shows the heroes getting back to their regular lives while showing scenes of them doing their regular heroic duties. Then it shows what was thought to be Arkham asylum, but it was a home for the emotionally damaged. In this home, all of the patients/inmates go to lunch–all except one, which is a man in a straitjacket thought to be Lex Luthor; the guards realize he disappeared, but by that time, he was already gone. It then jumps cuts to a boat riding up to a luxury boat and revealed Deathstroke (played by Joe Manganiello) who was planning a meeting with Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg). Lex Luthor states how they have a mutual problem with Batman and gives Deathstroke the identity of Batman (Bruce Wayne). After that, they have a toast and it cuts to darkness. We get to see a glimpse of Batman’s nightmare that has been teased many times. It starts off showing a destroyed and deserted city with sand everywhere and orange skies with Parademons flying everywhere. It then pans down to many broken and destroyed cars on a broken bridge being searched through by a singular parademon; once it flies away, Batman states that it’s clear, and a rag-tag team of heroes and villains emerge. You can see Batman in a trench coat with Deathstroke and Flash and Mera (played by Amber Heard). Mera said that once she finds him, she will kill him (which at this point we have no idea as to who she is talking about) and Batman said the smartest way to take this on would be to work together, and she mentions how he doesn’t understand how she felt saying he never experienced the loss of a loved one. One of the coolest parts of the movie happens after that when Joker (Played by Jared Leto )responds to her saying that he has and started listing all the people Bruce/Batman has lost including his parents and adopted son. Batman then told Joker to choose his next words very carefully and Joker replied with, “Why send the boy wonder to do a man’s job?” Batman grabs the Joker, and since Parademons can sense fear, they alerted their leader, Superman. He flies down and lands on the bridge and after that, Bruce wakes up from the nightmare. Bruce, being startled by his dream, looks out the window just to catch a breather and notices a figure flying down on his porch, and it’s Martian Man Hunter (played by Julian Jones). This whole sequence helps set up Martian Manhunter being in the justice league.

Now the reason I say that the epilogue is the best and worst part of the movie is that it sets up all of these cool things that are never going to happen. It is cool to see a glimpse into something that isn’t going to happen, but it is a shame because of how cool the epilogue was. If you have noticed, I haven’t talked much about Aquaman in this article, but that is because his part of the movie remains pretty much the same with very minor changes along with Flash’s, except a cool new sequence where he saves people from a car accident.

Overall, I  am very happy that the Warner Brothers gave Zack Snyder another chance and let him make the movie that he wanted. I think it payed off in the end but it just leaves me with the question of “what could’ve been?”