Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Paige Gunther, Social Media Manager/ Staff Writer

Been too busy to meticulously plan a Halloween costume for this year? The Ridge recommends these costumes for a quick and easy Halloween.

  • Vampire-This is a Halloween costume classic that is fortunately not overdone. Dress in dark clothing, wear vampy makeup and some fake blood.
  • Rosie the Riveter-She was a cultural icon during WWII, but now a quick and easy Halloween costume. Wear a denim button-up with the sleeves rolled up and red lipstick. Accessorize with a red and white polka dot bandana and her signature updo. Make sure to mimic her famous “We Can Do It!” pose for pictures.
  • Cowboy/Cowgirl-Dress like you’re from the West in denim and plaid paired with boots and cowboy hat or bandana.
  • Hippie-This costume is easy for anyone with a tie dye shirt. Wear jeans and a headband or a bandana.
  • The Hunger Games Characters-All it takes is greens, blacks, and browns. For Katniss, wear a braid. For Peeta, makeup to make your face appear dirty.
  • Pirate-Easy enough with a striped shirt and black boots with a hat or bandana. For full effect, wear a sash around your waist.
  • Peter Pan or Tinker Bell-Both require emerald green. Wear a green polo and green shorts or a green dress.