New Criminal Minds Reboot Announced


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

Criminal Minds is making an unexpected comeback to the air after only being off the air for a season. If you are on tik tok, you would know that everybody was talking criminal minds and if they love Spencer Reid or Aaron Hotcher the best. Having 15 seasons, the fans fell in love and if you’re anything like me, you rewatched it a million times.  

What we know so far about the new reboot is that it will be produced by Paramount+, unlike CBS where the original series was aired. The previous series had a “new crime of the week” type of format, but the new series follows the same case for over 10 episodes. The original executive producer and showrunner Erica Messer and the original creative team will still be running the show. (PopSugar) Not only will the new reboot be airing soon, but a new show also called “The Real Criminal Minds,” which is about a former FBI profiler introducing cases that the fictional members of the FBI’s Behavorial Analysis Unit might take on if they really existed.  

Many fans are commenting things like “All I can say is that if Criminal Minds doesn’t have Joe, AJ, Kirsten, and Paget – it will not get a following,” and, “I want a reboot of Criminal Minds with Thomas Gibson back as unit chief.” These comments are further fueling the reboot and CBS says that we could have the reboot as early as 2022. (DigitalSpy)