Misogyny Exposed in the NCAA Women’s Weight Room


Raylynn Carson, Contributor

The NCAA (national collegiate athletic association) has a scandal of treating the women differently than the men. This was shown by the differences between the women’s weight room and the men’s weight room. Sedona Prince on the Oregon’s Women Basketball team brought a lot of light to the problem. She made a video on a social media app called tik tok, comparing and showing their “weight room” vs the men’s actual weight room.

The women’s apparent weight room consisted of only five sets of dumb bells, while the men had full set ups with everything they needed and enough work out equipment for everyone. The misogyny is absolutely horrible. And if you don’t think so, you are a part of the issue.

The NCAA came out with a statement saying that it was a “space problem” but no it wasn’t, as shown is Sedona Prince’s viral video; they had an entire room and space for the women to have the weight room they deserved. There is zero reason that these athletes shouldn’t have the same exact set up. The NCAA is in complete denial; they said it wasn’t a money problem which is right, but the fact that they say it is a space problem and got exposed about it just screams misogyny.

Eventually the NCAA let out an apology and they did give the women a new weight room. But it should have been equal in the first place.