Pressure for Students during COVID-19


Raylynn Carson, Contributor

COVID-19 has taken a toll on everyone this past year; it has been extremely difficult on students as well. COVID came around during March of 2020 and students all around the world had to end school early. Personally I didn’t get to even finish out my freshman year. This has been very hard on students.

Starting out a new school year after being gone for about six months started out with some problems. First off, students had to go back after having no social interaction, a lot of students are struggling with anxiety, and after not having many social interactions it could be difficult to become comfortable. Mind you, school districts are continuously switching us back and forth from online and in person. Teachers are pushing students to get good grades, and to pass their classes, which isn’t as simple as it used to be. We are trying the best we can over a computer.

It wasn’t always as difficult for students, but COVID has made it really hard; there are more responsibilities now. School isn’t the only thing to be worrying about; we have to worry about a global pandemic and staying safe as well. So the pressure is definitely there for students and everyone else. So teachers, during this time, please try to be a little more patient with your students.