Netflix’s Nailed It: Double Trouble Keeps its Charm

Netflixs Nailed It: Double Trouble Keeps its Charm

Alex Moehring, Contributor

Nailed it, a Netflix Baking competition, released a new season. This season is appropriately titled Nailed It: Double trouble as they have upped the challenge as contestants must bake as a duo rather than by themselves.

The goal of Nailed It is simple. In each episode, three contestants are chosen to compete. Each contestant must recreate professionally-made cakes, pastries, and other desserts within a specific timeframe. However, the contestants chosen to remake these cakes are amateur bakers, who definitely don’t have the skill to replicate an expertly-crafted treat. Each episode typically consists of two rounds. In the first-round contestants compete to win a prize related to baking. These prizes are typically items such as a stand mixer or cooking utensils. In the second round, the three contestants compete to win the grand prize of $10,000.

This new season of Netflix’s Nailed It is the first season filmed in the coronavirus pandemic.  In this season, judges Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres had to judge baked goods from duos instead of singular contestants. With twice the contestants in play, there was more chaos and more chances to mess up.

This new season of “Nailed it” still holds up to previous seasons. Its biggest strength is that it maintains its fun atmosphere. The measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus don’t impede the quality of the show. The show is a must watch for me, and I would recommend it to anyone.