8 Not Cool Costumes for Halloween

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Halloween is right around the corner, and The Ridge knows that everyone has a funny costume idea for Halloween. Sometimes the Halloween costume ideas are sparked from the social media. However, funny and offensive are two different things, when it comes to picking out your Halloween costume.

According to E News, ask yourself this question when getting into your Halloween outfit: “If a photo of me in my costume would end up on the internet, would I be branded a horrible human being?” If the answer is anything besides “no”, then you shouldn’t be wearing it. And, if you choose to wear said offensive costume, then prepare yourself for your photo to end up online with tons of backlash, because it is a very likely scenario.

We all love a funny and creative costume for Halloween. but not everyone does not like a mean and cruel costume. If you follow this advice, you can avoid costumes that make people cringe and become angry when seeing your costume.

So to help our fellow Ridge Rowdies this year with avoiding offensive costumes for Halloween. The Ridge is going to show you a list of offensive costumes not to wear along with help from E News who created the list of what not to wear on Halloween.

Have a great Halloween Ridge Rowdies!