Massive Riots and Gunfire After Police Shooting of Dante Wright


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

On April 11th a black man named Dante Wright died after bleeding out in his car.  He had been shot a single time by police officer Kim Potter, while she and other officers tried to arrest him.  They were trying to arrest him on a warrant for aggravated armed robbery after he choked a woman while robbing her at gunpoint.  (Fox News)  The Arrest warrant was sent out after he failed to appear in court because his court date was sent to the wrong address.  (Newsweek) When the officers told him he was under arrest and tried to put handcuffs on him he lashed out and tried to jump back into his car.  Potter then drew her pistol yelling to Daunte that she would tase him.  This is the basis of her argument that she meant to pull out her taser and not her pistol, and that the shooting was accidental.  During the arrest she yelled, “I’ll tase you!” then, “taser! taser! taser!” before firing a single shot and exclaiming, “Holy s—, I shot him,” as if surprised that she had fired her gun.  Evidence from: (The Washington Post)  Daunte got into his car and drove away, before crashing and dying from his bullet wound.

Whether or not the shooting was accidental, or even criminal, will be decided in court.  Potter has resigned from the police force and is now on trial for manslaughter.  (CNBC)  She will likely be convicted, too, as manslaughter can apply to accidental killings as well as purposeful ones.  This means even if she didn’t mean to fire her gun like she says, she could still be charged.

The shooting has of course started riots, and they have been bad.  Police Chief Tim Gannon has also resigned saying, “I have loved every minute of being a police officer and serving this community to the best of my ability, but I believe it is in the best interest of the community, the department, and my fellow officers if I resign immediately.”  Quote from: (Intelligencer News)  Bricks and frozen soda cans were thrown at police, and rioters looted buildings.  Brooklyn Center was hit by mass looting with stores like GameStop emptied of products and valuables.  (Fox Business)

The rioters did not stop at the Brooklyn Center police station, though, also targeting the Brooklyn Park Police Station, which had no involvement in the Dante Wright Shooting. Large groups showed up and surrounded the building, shouting and throwing things until 1 A.M.  Then at 8 P.M., somebody shot at the building, probably trying to shoot officers on the inside.  (Brainerd Dispatch)

These riots will likely continue for weeks or even months, and with the police force defunded and cowering, nobody will stop the rioters from looting and burning random businesses in the area.