Minneapolis Terrified as Riots and Looting Continue While Chauvin Trial Wraps Up


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

“If Minnesota had the death penalty and Chauvin got it, people in Minneapolis are still going to riot,” states a quote from a former Minneapolis Police Officer who quit a few days before the trial of Derek Chauvin started. (INSIDER)  However, it seems we won’t have to wait that long.  After the shootings of Dante wright and Adam Toledo, the riots are already back in full swing.  Recently someone performed a drive by on a group of police and national guardsmen who were on patrol.  (The Washington Post)

Chauvin could be acquitted of charges during the trial, and it is likely that if this happens then there will be outrage.  Both the persecution and defense have been making good moves during the trial, and it seems like it could go either way at this point.  Chauvin is being charged with Second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter. (The Star Tribune)  It is likely that he will be convicted on at least third degree murder, and manslaughter, but second degree unintentional murder is tricky.  To convict him of that the persecution would have to prove that Chauvin beyond reasonable doubt was the reason he died, and he would not have died without Chauvin’s interference.

This can be proven, as Chauvin’s positioning could have caused the asphyxiation that killed Floyd, but the defense has said otherwise, and brought in many reliable sources. (Fox News)  If the jury believes Floyd’s death could have been influenced by more than just Chauvin, then he could be acquitted of second degree unintentional murder.  The problem is that Floyd was high on Fentanyl and Methamphetamine, had a bad heart, and had a tumor in his pelvis when he died. (CBS News)  This means that his death could have been a combination of multiple factors, making Chauvin guilty of influencing his death, but not outright killing him.  This is a problem because it could negate the biggest charge in the trial, allowing Chauvin to only be convicted of second degree manslaughter and third degree murder.  If this happens there will be outrage, as people realize Chauvin’s sentence could have been much heavier.

This is what people in Minneapolis are scared of: a huge increase in rots in top of the already existing ones caused by the dropping of a single charge. This is certainly a possibility, and it will be inflamed more by the biased news media in America.  News outlets will say one of two things, continuing to divide our country.  Right wing channels will say that people are still rioting even though Chauvin was charged with crimes. While left wing channels will push the fact that he was acquitted of one charge, without showing why he was acquitted.  To understand how this media manipulation works, read this: (The Conversation).

People in Minneapolis do not want more rioting in their streets. Right now the riots have been going on so long that some people have started hating being at their own house because it is filled with tear gas every day.  And if the nightmare scenario plays out, they probably will either pack up and leave, or have their whole life destroyed.