Lee County School Districts Caught for Spying on Schools


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

Lee County School District is under investigation because it was brought to the State Board of Educations’ attention that under Superintendent Wanda Andrews, Lee County School District installed spy cameras in various places in the employees’ office and falsified state reports. 

The investigation turned up evidence that was evadite of the crimes accused and compelled the State Department of Education and an independent reviewer said she deserved to be relieved of her administrative duties. After all the evidence against Superintendent Wanda Andrews, the panel that oversees South Carolina educators allowed her to keep her job with no consequence. Also, her bosses on the local school board that was supposed to testify on her actions, rejected calls for her removal. (PostandCourier)

Even after the detailed list of allegations in 2019, she kept her job, and many say she deserved to be removed from the profession for at least three years. Instead of the State Board of Education suspending her license, they gave Andrews a public reprimand which is the equivalent of a note in her personnel file. Andrews, who retired last year, says that her only mistake is “making bad hires and trusting people who couldn’t be trusted.” Andrews thinks she doesn’t deserve to be investigated or reprimanded she says “- terribly embarrassing and terribly hurtful.”  

Not only is Andrews’ case being investigated but the State Board is being investigated as well because of the way they handle superintendent cases in the past. There was only one time that officials handed out discipline more seriously than a reprimand. But while the South Carolina superintendents keep their job, teachers are routinely suspending teachers’ licenses for offenses like quitting in the middle of the school year. (TheItem)