Current Art Movements of Our Time

Artistic expression has been a tradition since the beginning of time. It has grown and transformed into the billion different styles we have today.



Coronavirus – Wed Apr 22, 2020. Banksy’s Girl with a Pierced Eardrum mural has been given a face mask in a nod to the coronavirus pandemic, at Hanover Place in Bristol, as the UK continues in lockdown to help curb the spread of the coronavirus. Picture date: Wednesday April 22, 2020. See PA story HEALTH Coronavirus. Photo credit should read: Ben Birchall/PA Wire URN:53501013 (Press Association via AP Images)

Eran Bagwell, contributor

Artistic creations dive deep into the minds of the makers; one person’s interpretation of art will not be the same as different viewers. What continues to inspires the artists of our generation?

Alexander Calder is a sculptor and artist that creates huge all black sculptures that take life-like shape, “He was equally influenced by Jean Arp’s and Joan Miró’s biomorphic abstractions and Piet Mondrian’s insistently flat, planar geometries, the latter of which—after a revelatory visit to the Dutch painter’s Paris studio in 1930—Calder decided (in his breeze-driven mobiles and mechanized sculptures) to set in motion.”  ( Calder has taken his art the MoMA and has a celebratory exhibit to display his newer art techniques.

A huge art movement has been street art. Businesses have hired artists to decorate the outside of their buildings to create beautiful masterpieces of eye catching art. One of the most influential street artists is Banksy, “His art is popular primarily because of the political themes and commentary on social issues. One of his murals, painted at Rue Victor Cousin in Paris, is interpreted as his criticism of the French establishment. It shows a man offering a bone to a dog — whose one leg appears to be cut off — with one hand and a saw in the other.” ( Bansky has paved a way since the 90’s for modern street artists, as he has kept his identity secret, he has made his way from underground art scenes up to international displays of his art work.

Art is also a huge representation for mental health. Artist Claudia Borgia is a visual artist from Britain who focuses on the natural world, “As a teaching artist, Claudia uses her screen print workshops as a wide-ranging platform to foster community and for the simple joy of getting other peoples hands messy. In Spring 2018, she initiated a group called Print Power to host grant-funded workshops as a means to explore trauma. Often inspired by plants and natural structures that make up unique environments; she simplifies their complexities to shape, pattern, and color.” ( ) Borfgia looks towards her art to foster an appreciation for the earth and her environment and works to show that with other people.

Art is a very simple yet complex development. The art is interpreted by whoever comes across it and we are surrounded by it every day. These movements will never stop coming and new developments are made every day by every single artist.