School Kills Artists


Raylynn Carson, Contributor

Kids and teens go into school loving their talents, like drawing and painting. We go into school hoping to learn different ways to pursue our dreams and talents. We go in and doodle on our papers ready to take art classes. Yes, it is easy for our drawings to be a little distracting at times, but does it really mean teachers should say stuff like “stop doing those stupid little doodles and do your work”?

I love to draw with my anxiety in school, and I know a lot of other students that do that as well. Teachers will down students drawings or little sketches on the side of their work, and make them stop doing what they do best. Then we stop doing our little drawings and teachers give us an assignment that we have to draw on, and they wonder why we never know what to draw. We sit there and wonder why you want me to do my art now that it is for an assignment. We aren’t able to think of what to draw, and it’s because when we wanted to the school system told us ‘no.’ They wonder where all of our imagination went; well, it went down the drain when you told us to quit and that art wouldn’t get us anywhere. 

School kills artists. The school system needs to stop trying to tell us to quit doing what we love because when you say it is an at-home thing we lose that motivation and energy to even pick up the paint brush. Students that are reading this: don’t let the school system kill your inner artist.