When Will the Wars End?


Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

In the United States, we are known for being the strongest country, especially when it comes to our soldiers who defend our country. Soldiers go through a lot when going to war, and they have families at home waiting for them to come back. So the main question is: why is it so hard to stop wars?

With the new president, who says he can end the wars forever, really stick with his promise? During March, a solider, General Kenneth, who is a commanding officer in the Marines, ended up going to Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other places where they are the most dangerous places that have wars. When going to these places he stated, “Seven thousand American troops have been killed, and another fifty-four thousand have been injured” (newyorker.com). There are many other incidents like these going around.

In other places, as the wars continue, President Biden will sign a peace agreement with the Taliban on May 1. This is a new pledge that will apparently finally find peace with ending wars, but this is far from the truth.  According to the article from new seek, it states, “You might think America’s forever wars are finally coming to an end. They’re not—because everything we’ve learned from the past two decades at war has made it more difficult to actually end the wars” (newseek.com). This might finally end them, or could cause more wars. The only thing society can do now is help out those soldiers in need and support the families.