Fight Erupts in Ashley Ridge Cafeteria (Interview Included)

Fight Erupts in Ashley Ridge Cafeteria (Interview Included)

Garrett Duncan, Contributor

On April 28, 2021, two students began to fight at Ashley Ridge High School. It was short, and ended with what appeared to be minor damage.  It ended after one of the kids was pushed against a wall and fell down.  The other student pummeled him while he was on the ground, until he was grabbed and thrown.  The student landed on the hard tile head first and stayed down for a few seconds.  At that time, another student ran in between them and stopped the fighting.

I came into contact with a student who knows both of the people involved in the fight.  They wished to remain anonymous but wrote down details of what happened before the fight to be put in this article.  They wrote, “Two boys fought over a 9th grade girl.  One boy was treating the girl bad and the other boy stood up for her.”  The two boys’ identities are still unknown to anybody, but those who knew them.

The identity of the students has not been released by the school, so I will not release them either.  This fight comes as a surprise for new students, but maybe not students who were around in 2020. In 2020, Ashley Ridge was a hotspot for fights.  The school decided to change this and took action.  Many of the most misbehaving students switched to attending Summerville High School.

After the students who were often engaging in fights were moved out, the fighting at Ashley Ridge stopped.  This is the first fight to be witnessed and recorded to occur in 2021. It is likely that no other fights occurred at all.  It seems that this was just a fluke, not something that will continue.

So I wouldn’t worry too much about more fighting.  Just make sure that you aren’t the next example of Ashley Ridge News.