New Info on Ma’Khia Bryant Paints Shooting as One of Many Dangerous Incidents Involving Foster Mom


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

Ma’Khia Bryant, the 16 year old who was shot in Columbus Ohio died after the police arrived to a call at her foster mothers house.  However, new information about her foster mother has come to light.  This information may cause people to think differently about the entire case.

During the shooting there was an altercation where Ma’Khia tried to stab a woman in pink who was at the house with her.  I want to try and figure out why there was a fight so intense that it almost ended in a stabbing.

Footage can be seen here: (ABC 6)

Luckily there is new information about the context of the confrontation leading up to the knifing attempt. Bryant was not attacked by neighborhood kids.  Instead, it all started with a visit from some of the former foster kids of Bryant’s foster mom. (LBL)  They told her that she needed to keep the house clean, and to make her bed.  This started a fight that ended with Bryant bringing the knife outside to attack them.  Somewhere in between all of this, an unknown member of the family called the police.

The argument may have involved her foster mom.  There are examples of other incidents occurring at this foster house.  On March 28, the police came to the house of Bryant’s foster mother. Her sister, Janiah Bryant, had called the police, and when they arrived she requested to be changed to another foster home.  (The Sussi Report)  She was desperate to get away from the house, and when the police told her they couldn’t transfer her to a new home, she threatened to kill somebody living in the home.

Janiah was transferred to a hospital for a phycological evaluation, but anything else about her is unknown. However, there is more interesting information to go over. Angela Moor was Bryant’s foster mother, and it seems that many children who stay with her have had problems. She has had a 13-year-old foster child run away so often that she doesn’t report it anymore, and Moor has called the police on her 10-year-old foster son before. (The Sussi Report)

Moor lives in a three bedroom home, but has 10 foster children.  It seems they may be getting neglected, and there should be more investigation into this story.