One More Month for Class of ’21 Seniors


Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

The last day for Ashley Ridge seniors will be on June 4, 2021. In a little over a month, seniors are free from the shackles of what is known as school and are free to do what they please for the summer vacation, until of course, college or any plan an individual may have. 

After a long journey of online and hybrid learning, as well as the continuous struggle of living with the pandemic and the hassle it caused to the nation, what better reward could a graduate ask for than enjoying their time off and doing what they can to enjoy themselves? Fortunately, the graduates of this year will be able (and hopefully) to have a better “send-off” experience compared to last year’s graduates. Not only was their school year cut short due to the pandemic, but also the cancellation of prom and other events made the ’20 graduates not able to fully enjoy their senior experience. 

With some more precautions this year and the shift in COVID cases due to the release of vaccines, Ashley Ridge has been able to provide fun and important events for the graduates of 2021 and made sure that the seniors would have a fulfilling last high school year, despite the circumstances in the world.

Even if one may be more excited and eager to graduate rather than feeling melancholy, at least seniors can look back at this year and appreciate how it was better than it could have been thanks to the hardworking staff and admin at Ashley Ridge High School to make this senior year a year that won’t be forgotten.