Man Quickly Turns Himself in After Fatal Shooting

Culprit turns himself in to the police after murdering a young man via firearm.


Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

According to the Greenville Count Sheriff’s office, an investigation is taking place regarding a homicide that happened Tuesday night (Fox).

The sheriff’s office stated that at around 8:30 P.m. on Tuesday, Corey Jerome Daniel, age 43, was sitting in a parking lot outisde a dollar general in his car. The victim, identified as Dallas K. Rosemond, age 32, pulled up and got out of the car. The two individuals exchanged a few words before Rosemond walked toward Daniel’s car. As he did, Daniel pulled out a firearm and shot the victim, then fleeing the scene (Fox).

The coroner’s office said the gunshot victim was taken to the hospital where they later passed away. Rosemond’s death was ruled as a homicide (Fox).

According to the sheriff’s office, Daniel and Rosemond knew each other and had an “ongoing issue” with one another (Greenvillenews).

Lt. Flood stated that Daniel later turned himself in into the Williamston Police Department. Investigators have since taken custody of Daniel and charged him with murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime (Fox). Daniel is currently in the Greenville County Detention Center awaiting his bond hearing.