“Carolina Crossroads” Project Coming to SC

A $1.7 Billion road project for Columbia, SC


Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

South Carolina road crew members are getting ready for the first of a five-part, $1.7 billion project to untangle where Interstate 20, 26, and 126 meet- west of downtown Columbia (Fox).

The project will be called Carolina Crossroads, and will be scheduled to last through 2029. The South Carolina Department of Transportation estimates to spend around 112 hours each year stuck in traffic along the highways (Fox).

For the first phase of construction on the project, it is set to begin next spring and will redesign the parts of I-26 and I-126. The most complex phase will be working on the Interstate’s 20, 26, and 126 interchanges, which is scheduled to start in 2023 and last four to five years (Fox).

According to the site for the project, they released a statement saying “The primary purpose of the proposed Carolina Crossroads project is to implement a transportation solution(s) that would improve mobility and enhance traffic operations by reducing existing traffic congestion within the I-20/26/126 corridor while accommodating future traffic needs” (Carolinacrossroads)