The Mask Mandate Needs to be Strengthened


Gavin Huston, Editor

Masks have become an essential in our life thanks to COVID, but recently people seemingly don’t care about them anymore. It’s seen throughout the school hallways, classrooms, and even the bus. People don’t fully put on their masks.

A lot of people in the school either don’t put their mask on their nose or just have it on their chin without even having it on their mouth. This does not need to happen. Masks are to help us stay safe and to keep others stay safe. Even if you have gotten covid already in the past or got the vaccine, you could still carry it over to other people.

The school itself has gotten worse with the mask mandate. As of writing this, they are sending out forms to allow kids to come to school without their masks. This is just going to eventually lead to people getting covid. Even though students still have to wear masks in the bus, a lot of them don’t even do it anyways.

This mandate will only end whenever we wait long enough for everyone to either get the vaccination, or the coivd case rate goes declines. We are still getting more and more cases and we still need to play it safe. Teachers should pay more attention to students in the halls and at the bus loop to make sure they have their masks on properly.