Should we still be wearing masks?

Should we still be wearing masks?

Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

According to CDC, if you are fully vaccinated you will be able to take your mask off in public places. This announcement from CDC was met with reactions of relief and skepticism. Many are relieved that they won’t have to wear masks but on the other hand, many are still worried that after being vaccinated they may be infected.

In the United States, around 49% of the total population has gotten at least their first vaccine. (ourworld) And now with kids 12-15 years olds, that percentage may very well increase. With all of these vaccinations being distributed, many are relieved and trusting the vaccine’s effectiveness.

On the other hand, people are still worried about either being infected with COVID, or passing on COVID to a family member. People think this because even though the Pfizer vaccine is the most effective vaccine at 95 percent, there is still a 5 percent chance that you could either be infected with COVID or transmit COVID.

Although 5 percent is a very small chance, the novelty and damage that COVID presents is something not to be taken lightly. It has put some places in quarantine for little over a year now. And then to just think since you have the vaccine that you can be careless and not worry is not a good idea.

Whether you agree with taking your mask off or not, make sure that you try to get your vaccine as soon as possible, and even if you don’t wear it, have a mask on you just in case.