The Ridge

2018-2019 Staff

Sophia Dingmon

Journalist and Editor

Sophia Dingmon is a sophomore at ARHS and has been a journalist and editor for the newspaper for 2 years. She mostly writes and edits for the Student Life section. Sophia was born September 7, 2002, here in Summerville. She loves music of any kind. Her...

Sierra Wilson


Sierra Wilson is a sophomore at Ashley Ridge and is currently the editor of editorials. She has been writing her whole life, but only recently started writing as a journalist two years ago. Writing has always been her passion, and currently she is working...

Jessica Townsend


Jessica Townsend is currently a sophomore at ARHS. This is her second year working on the school paper. She is presently an editor and writer of world news. Townsend also takes a creative writing class, and enjoys to write in her free time as well. Other...

Zoe Orechwa


Freshman Zoe Orechwa is in her first year as a Contributor to The Ridge. Before coming to Ashley Ridge, Zoe lived in Atlanta and Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai'i. She loves sports, traveling (she's been to 26 states!) and her dog, Kobe. She is looking...

Aliyah Dearing

Writer, Editor

Aliyah Dearing is a junior at Ashley Ridge and has been contributing to The Ridge for 2 years. She is an avid theater student and enjoys acting, singing, makeup, and being a professional film snob. She plans to attend College of Charleston for communications...

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